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Urban Hippie Miso Paste 450gm

Urban Hippie Miso Paste 450gm

Miso is one of Japan's traditional fermented foods. Urban Hippie Miso is hand crafted in sunny Nelson and uses quality ingredients: New Zealand grown soy beans, natural sea salt from Blenheim, Koji (a type of culture for making Sake), and rice. Our Miso is then fermented for more than 6months. Miso is a versatile condiment that you can use for soups, stir fries, marinades, dips, and dressings...


Urban Hippie Misomite  250gm

Urban Hippie Misomite 250gm

Urban Hippie invented Misomite!! You will enjoy Misomite as a yeast spread on toasts, dips, dressings, or any other condiments. Misomite is a type of miso paste. It uses the same ingredients as Urban Hippie Miso paste. But it is a different ratio that contains less salt and more rice that gives a sweeter taste than Miso paste...


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